Filing a lawsuit ثبت دادخواست در امارات. اقامه دعوا در دادگاه دبی

ثبت دادخواست و اقامه دعوا در دادگاه های امارات

خلیل آسایش وکیل پایه یک دادگستری

انجام امور وکالت در دادگاه های امارات 

آشنایی نسبت به قوانین و مقرات و دادگاه های حقوقی امارات

Courts of First Instance

The courts of first instance have general jurisdiction over all types of cases filed in the capital city of Abu Dhabi, with the exception of cases excluded by law. They consist of three-judge major chambers and one-judge minor chambers. These courts are the largest ones in the UAE, given the number of chambers and the cases heard, and they have the jurisdiction to consider cases primarily filed before them.

Civil actions:

In terms of case type, this extensive term includes civil, commercial, administrative, labour, and personal status cases as well as cases of summary matters  . A Civil Case, in view of value or nature, can be either a major case tried by three judges, or a minor case tried by one judge.

Criminal proceedings:

Can be heard either before the felony chambers consisting of three judges, or before the misdemeanor and offense chambers operated by a single judge.

Locations of Abu Dhabi Courts of First Instance and affiliated division: