enforcement foreign judgment in iran

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enforcement foreign judgment in iran

The implementation of the ruling of a foreign court, which is issued a ruling abroad, can be carried out in Accordance with the regulations in Iran. The sentences issued by foreign courts are applicable in Iran if the following conditions are meeted.In accordance with Iranian law, the claim is not devoted to Iranian courts. 6. The ruling on the illegal property located in Iran and its rights. Documents and documents required to file a foreign court order: 1- Image of Mossadegh foreign court ruling (optional) 2- Official translation of its certified in Persian (optional) 3- Image of Mossadegh certificate of political representative or consul of Iran in the country issuing the ruling or official representative and consul of the country issuing the sentence in Iran to issue the order of execution of the competent authorities (optional) 4- Official translation of its certified in Persian (optional) 5- Image(a) The certificate of signing of the political representative of the foreign country issued by the Decree of The Resident of Iran by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (optional) 6- having a national card for identification and card of the bank passer-by is required to pay the cost of the proceedings. *In the absence of the above optional documents, you can provide one of the following. 1. Hearing the testimonies of witnesses and informed people. 2- Attracting experts. 3- Inquiry request. 4- Citation file number. 5. Ethia Swearing. 6- Other reasons and documents